Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some Deep (Silly) Questions...

I'm starting on a cleaning phase again. It's always nice to de-clutter. This time, it's my old journals and paperwork. I have officially started the....first one....and here's a couple gems I found:
Emily's Random Questions
  • The atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen and 20% Oxygen. If this was switched, would people breathe slower because of the increased Oxygen?
  • The second layer of the heterosphere is Helium. If people could breathe up there, would we all sound like the chipmunks?
  • Nails come in different sizes such as 1/2 penny, 1 penny, etc. Why do they abbreviate them with a "d" ?
  • FPS system (foot, pound, second) is the measuring system used in the U.S. Pound originally came from the Roman word "libra" used in the same way. This is why pound is still abbreviated "lb."
  • Bankruptcy comes from medecial times, when Money Lenders sat on benches (bancas) to conduct buisiness. When they lost their money, the people would break his bench. Thus, he went bankrupt, literally - "Broken Bench."

Other things I have been enjoying this week are playing with my new camera, the fall leaves and weather, and catching up on laundry (yes, I am enjoying that).


Keren said...

your camera has nice macro settings! That waterdrop picture is really cool. :) I always have fun when I go through old journals/notebooks. I am sure you have alot too.

Abbi said...

I like the waterdrop picture too!!


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