Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Fall's fall up here!

Because I forgot, and because someone asked me, I thought I'd look up why leaves turn color. Oh yes....I remember's the short version:

A chemical called Chlorophyll is green in color. It fills leaves and makes food for the plant. As the days get shorter (less sun), the Chlorophyll goes away, thus less green....and more other chemical colors. Colors vary per type of tree....

  • Reds & Oranges = Maples
  • Browns & Maroons = Oaks
  • Yellows = Birch & Popple

For more in depth articles and science projects to do at home, check out these links:

And this is what happens to tomato plants after frost/fall. One of these days I really will move my three dead plants off the front steps.....

As a side note about tomatoes, not leaves, is I did manage to grown a few tomatoes. Two to be exact. I had more coming, but some animal or small child thought they were pretty neat too. And plucked off all my green tomatoes and left them in a pile in our front yard.....of which I didn't see until one turned red....and by then the others rotted. Ha! Oh well.

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