Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Concert

Last week, pre-Valentine's Day, our community hosted a free orchestra concert that was a lot of fun and very good. One of our friend's was in it, so that was fun.
I really enjoyed the music....especially the Star Wars Theme, Selections from the Phantom of the Opera, and Gabriel's Oboe.
When I go to concerts like this, I'm reminded of my school days, and it brings back sweet memories....and it makes me want to play duets again, or accompany singers again, or just go play piano for a while.

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Fawn said...

I heard them practicing at HSMA, and it sounded great!! its fun to hear the "classics".
and its so true that it inspires you on you have a piano at your house? I can't wait to have my own house and a piano room...many nights I wish I could just sit and play!

hope you are doing well emily. where are you hiding in this town?! don't we work right down the block from each other practically?! haha. don't even see you at the library!

hope to see you soon. have a great week friend!


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