Thursday, February 26, 2009

What now?

You's been a little busy up here for me....and I had a lot of things to post about but no time....and now that I find myself with some time....I can't remember what I wanted to post about! ha!

The past week I tried some new recipes....and they turned out delicious! We had come down with colds, and so I made a special treat for our stuffy-nosed-sore-throated selves: Idli!

These are a bunch of idlis with the sambar (red gravy) alongside. They are basically a steamed rice cake that you use to soak up a savory sauce, usually of vegetables.

You use these pans to make them. But I don't have these pans, so I made up my own version. Thanks to a friend, I have a large soup pot with a steamer basket. I used some small dessert bowls and mixed up the batter (from a mix I had). I could only cook one at a time because of the sizing, but it was worth it! (Well, except for the one that tasted burnt because I let all the water boil away in my pot until the fire alarm went off...)

Here is a very informative article about them.

It was delicious and perfect for our achey bodies.

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