Friday, February 13, 2009

What fun deals

All this for $15.79!

Abbi had told me about this good coupon-match-up deal at Marketplace this week. When I had a chance, I went over to check it out. I also made a trip to Pamida for their double coupon daze. It was great fun!
The apples were on sale 2/$3.00 with the daily Marketplace Coupon.
The chex mix (6 bags) and the soup (4 cans) were all free, with $3.00 in overage!
The onions were 38 cents a pound.
The ramen noodles and chicken were splurges...for some upcoming supper ideas I have.
The sunflower seeds were free...because of the overage from the chex mix! $7.80 here...a savings of $36.00.
At Luekens, they are running a 10 for $10 sale on margarine and juice. Right now there are coupons out there for the juice....and I might go back for some more. $5.00 here...a savings of $5.00.
At Pamida I got 4 boxes of kleenex (with 2 coupons, one double and the other for a free box) and a thing of dishwashing soap...all for $2.99....less than the regular price of just the thing of dishwashing soap! $2.99 here....a savings of $6.37.

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Abbi said...

Good job! I was going to post my deals, and I probably still will but they look pretty minor compared to all of that!


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