Monday, February 2, 2009


I certainly have been "in a mood" these past couple days.

I keep forgetting things.
I seem to have lost my people skills, annoying those I'm around and they annoying me.
I am constantly leaning toward "the left" (I like to call that my negative side), and am in constant motion trying to balance myself out more to the right.

I feel like a hermit....I'd love to curl up, bake something, sit down with a good book and the scarf I'm trying to make, and stay at home.

I don't feel like dressing up.
I don't feel like going out.
I don't feel like making decisions.

But even still....I know I can't live my life based on feelings. As much as they are part of my life, I know they still need to be under God's control. As Carolyn McCulley said in her book "Radical Womenhood,"

"The Bible [does] not shrink back from the reality of our fluctuating feelings. it also [does] not leave us wallowing in them. Our emotions were designed by God to propel us toward truth and faith."
I take that to mean, no matter what I'm should be propelling me closer to God....down on my knees....seeking Him more. And it's true....there's no season that make me realize how desperately in need of Him I am!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oooh are ya pregnant? ;)
regardless - hope you feel more like yourself soon!


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