Thursday, January 29, 2009

Candy Cane Party

I had mentioned earlier my interest in doing a Candy Cane party with my leftover candy canes from Christmas. Now, this is not a post about what I have's just, I thought I'd share my ideas...what I'm considering, and maybe you'll find it interesting or helpful and get to it long before I will! goes nothing....

Originally (since I like candy canes) I wanted to do a red and white themed party where we eat candy canes, and candy cane related items, and play some games, and have a devotion about who Jesus is(using the candy cane as an object lesson).

The Candy Cane:
  • Is the letter J, and reminds us of the name of Jesus
  • Is in the shape of a shepherds staff, and reminds us that Jesus is our good shepherd
  • Is red, like our sins
  • Is white, like our purity once Jesus forgives us
Now, after researching the Candy Cane, I found out this really is not any of the history of the candy's just been imposed upon it. So, I'm beginning to wonder if that's really the direciton I would go. Other options are as follows:

Whiter Than Snow party (for a kids party)

  • God's grace and love makes us whiter than snow!
  • Tell the greatest story of all... the story of Jesus' birth, his death, and his resurrection
  • Make snowflakes
  • Eat candy canes---red and white
  • Play some outdoor games in the snow
  • Eat red and white foods, and snowflake shaped foods
Peppermint Party - (more for a ladies retreat)
  • God is the one who makes us fresh and clean!
  • Eat red and white foods
  • Have red and white decorations
  • Read the story of God's love for us
  • Play some sort of peppermint smelling game
  • Make peppermint flavored foods/recipe gifts for those to take home/give to others
Here are some helpful links I found while researching:

And this is something we made many years, to put in our mailbox for our mailman every Christmas
Wow....after typing all that, I think it really would be fun to get one of these going! Hope you have fun with it too!

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