Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Lights

Growing up, my parents always made these cool luminaries when the weather got cold enough. I guess I had forgotten that I could make them too, until just recently.
So I used an ice cream bucket, a sqare tupperware, and a round tupperware (fairly large ones).
I put them out and lit the candles, and have really enjoyed them alot! They're easy to make too.
I filled the containers with water and then left them out on the step for 4 hours one cold evening. Then, take them inside, use a chisel or screwdriver to punch a hole in the top and then dump out the water into the bathtub. You should have a frozen ring with a bottom now. Run some hot water carefully over the outside of the container to loosen the ice, and then pull out the shape and set outside with a candle! :)


In The Potter's Hands said...

Those are so beautiful! I don't think I could do that here though, bummer!

martha said...

For the Christmas Eve service at church they had luminaries but they were paper bags. Not quite as cool and they were catching on fire too because it was windy.


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