Friday, January 23, 2009

Taste of Minnesota

Last night we had a fun time trying out The Taste of Minnesota for the first time (thanks to the generosity of some friends of ours!)
We went at 6:30....and basically, they hand you a plate and say "Walk around and make your choice!" (It's alot like feast of nations in that way)
Here are some of their options we tried:
Chicken Wild Rice Soup (my favorite)...fry bread...thai peanut salad...pulled pork...beef stew...squash soup...and a rasberry cream.

And some others:

Wild rice cranberry salad, fudge, cracker with blueberry jam, fresh fruit, lemon muffin, crusty bread, and a red bean roll. In the background is a small cup of strawberry smoothie (my second favorite!)

There were lots of restaraunts and buisnesses represented, and some had really fancy displays set up (like the ice sculture from the Country Club in the top picture).

We had fun visiting with Alvin & Molly, and some other co-workers we saw.

Now I just need to find out how to make that soup........ :)

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