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Last Saturday we had some Mormon's stop by our house on their "neighborhood calls." Not being the brave one, I don't usually tend to pursue much of a conversation with them. But, an article I read in an old Discipleship Journal, has really changed and challeneged me to trust God more, and see people as people.

I tried finding the article online so I could link it for you and you could read it for yourselves, but it's not available.

Basically, it's called "I was the MORMON next door." And is about how a mormon was converted by the simple and consistent witness of his neighbor. In fact, Edward (the mormon) was hoping to convert Bob (his neighbor), but God used Bob to reach him instead. In the article, he shares what worked to reach him, and how we need to not be afraid, but pray and reach out to Mormons too.

Here are some of the Key elements he encouraged:

Prayer Points - Edward Kelly Jr.

"Bob regularly prayed Acts 26:18 for me. Here are other scriptural prayers to pray for your Mormon friends.

  • That the Holy Spirit would bring conviction and repentance (Jn 6:44, 16:7-8, 2 Cor 7:10)
  • That God would open their ears and eyes (Is 42:7, 50:4-5, Mt 13:13-15, 2 Cor 4:4-6)
  • That God would prepare their hearts to receive the Word (Mt 13:1-9, Lk 24:45. Acts 16:14)
  • That God would shape events in their lives for a divine encounter (Acts 17:26, 27)

Also, pray for God to protect you and your families and those ministering/reaching out....the devil isn't just going to stand by idly and watch!

  • Psalm 91
  • Ps 27:1,3-5, 46:1-11, 62:5-7
  • Eph 6:10-19
  • Rev 12:10-11" - Edward Kelly Jr.

Another section that he wrote about was key verses to use with Mormons:

  • Scripture is the final authority (Is 8:20, Acts 17:10-11, 2 Timothy 3:16-17)
  • There is only one God (Dt 4:35,39, 6:4, 1 Chron 17:20, Is 43:10-12, 44:6-8, 45:5-6,18,21-22, Gal 4:8)
  • God is eternal and unchanging (Num 23:19, Dt 33:27, Ps 41:13, 90:2, 106:48, Is 40:28, 44:6,8, 45:18,21, Jer 10:10, Hos 11:9, Mal 3:6, Heb 13:8, Jas 1:17)
  • Jesus is God (Is 9:6, Mic 5:2, Jn 1:1-2,14-15,8:58, 17:5, 20:28, Rev 1:8)
  • We are saved by grace (Jn 1:12, Ro 3:20-28, 5:1, 10:8-13)

He made sure we realized it was God's doing, God's timing, God's words, God's choice! The important thing is to stay in prayer, be in God's word, and practice gentleness and respect. Let God do His work through you.

Have any of you had experiences with Mormons?

I pray that you keep an open heart and courage for Christ....and please keep us in your prayers too!



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