Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet Deals

This was my sweet deal last Saturday. Mathew and I had a "day out" doing errands and such.
1st of all, we checked out some information at Affinity Bank on their savings rates. We were pleasantly surprised with a couple of their programs, one of them even being a rewards checking account, for which you can earn a gift card every month. Their service there is really great, easy to get a hold of someone, lots of resources, and competitive rates. I'd encourage you to check out if there is one near you!
2nd, we decided to use a gift card to Applebees for a special lunch out, since it'd been a while since we'd gone to a nice restaruant together. I had chicken pasta and salad with a strawberry lemonaid....delicious! We were able to have a nice long visit over lunch, too.
3rd, we decided to check out Target's Christmas clearance since we also had a gift card for there. Above was our good deals. I have been looking for a squegee, so was happy they had one in their dollar section! Also, the chocolate chips were free, the egg nog mix makes 8 cups for $1, and the candy canes were 25 cents....to save for another idea I have.
I'm so thankful for the day!

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In The Potter's Hands said...

What is your idea with candy canes? I have a ton I cannot get rid of and usually just end up throwing them all away by spring.


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