Thursday, May 8, 2008

And the Fruit of the Spirit is LOVE...

We're starting a summer program at church on Wednesday nights called "Growing the Fruits of the Spirit." For kids aged 12 and under, it's a fun hour or so of skits, stories, crafts, games and snacks.Abbi, Irindee, and I spent some time decorating the basement along a garden/farming theme to get ready for our first lesson last night.

Here is our Garden Window

And some realistic looking grapes!

Of course you need some sunflowers.

And here is "George"...ready to welcome us every Wednesday night.

Our apple tree.

And Henrietta, the Chicken sitting on her eggs in another window.

Last night was our lesson on Love. We sang the song "The Fruit of the Spirit" and prayed to start off our evening. Later on, we got a special visit from Fluffy the Lamb....who just "loves" strawberries. We learned that maybe "like" was a better word to use, because LOVE never changes, and sometimes we don't like strawberries.

Next we did our attendance chart, and then heard a Bible story about David and Johnathan's friendship/love. We had a discussion on how we too can love others, and not be jealous or mean or unkind.

We gathered all the kids together again for our planting/craft. We made neat little pots to take home.

We ended with a snack of strawberries and cheese, and handing out red balloons.

Next week, we will be learning about JOY and eating ORANGES. :)

If you know anyone who would like to come, email Abbi or I and we will contact them! Please be praying for the classes as well....that many kids would come and that we would be teaching lovingly and accurately!


All in a Day said...

That sure sounds like fun. Now that our Wednesday night activities are done up here, I told Mike I'd have to bring the kids down. He didn't sound too impressed... :(

Abbi said...

You got some neat pictures.
Shelly, it would be fun if you could come down! But it is a long trip.


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