Friday, May 23, 2008

My deals this week...

Well, I don't have pictures to share, but I thought I'd still tell you about the good deals I found this week.

My first deal, was at Walgreens. I went looking for potting soil and shaving cream (not to be used together) and was very happy to see them both on sale. Each thing had a coupon to make them $0.99. The soil normally was $3.00 and the shaving cream $1.99. The bonus deal was that when I found the shaving cream, I found two cans bundled together saying "Buy one get one free!" Sure enough, it rang up at the $0.99 price, but I got two instead of one!

The next deal I found was at a floral shop that is going out of business. (Netzers)Everything (except the flowers) was 75% off. I found a garden trowel (which I needed since I had been using a juice can lid to dig up my garden), a 6 inch glass pitcher , and a really nice wind chime, all for $9.62! The wind chime itself was normally $27.00, so that really was a deal since we can use it and the pitcher as gifts!

It's so much fun finding deals!

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Abbi said...

How fun to find such good deals!


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