Saturday, May 10, 2008

Graduation Season

It's graduation season again! It always seems that we know 3-4 four people graduating every spring, weather it be from High School or College.

Two weeks ago we visited a good friend in southern MN.

This week, we had fun travelling with another couple to visit our friend Jared and his graduation. And I thought BSU's was big!..... Check out the size of the auditorium we were in:

I guess there were around 8,000 people in attendance! We were actually able to pick Jared out of the processional....but my camera went too slow for me to catch a picture of him then.

Afterwards, we scooted downstairs to meet up with him and his family. We were able to have a nice visit with him.

We have been blessed to get to know him these past 4 years as a courageous and steadfast, godly young man!

This weekend again, we have our own local graudation to attend!

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