Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day! While I'm not a mom yet, I'm so thankful for the mothers I know and what they have taught me.

At church, we had a Mother's Day potluck.....spaghetti and salad....and handed out roses to all the mothers. What a great bunch!

M. helped hand out roses to each mother....she did it very nicely, practically "dancing" her way to each mother.

For our Mom, Mathew and I asked a co-worker to take some pictures of us in our wedding outfits....since we didn't get a full shot on the actual day, and Mom had been asking for one. She (my co-worker) did an amazing job and we really enjoyed it! It was kind of fun to have a "post-wedding" photo op!


Angie said...

so where are they huh? I would love to see some?

Jennifer said...

well, I'd like to see too :)


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