Friday, May 23, 2008

Remember Lester?

Remember Lester....that big grey striped tabby cat we had come around in the winter? Well, he's back! Actually, we have 3 cats around now! The newest one is a young siamese. He is very friendly....and curious too! He was busy "helping" us as we changed the headlights in our car last night.

This morning, I saw "Lester" and "Theodore" (the siamese) "chatting" out back....we came out to go to work, and they were both laying under our tree just staring at each other. They didn't look mad, just sitting there. I said, "Look! Two cats now!" and Mathew replied, "No, three."

Sure enough, another long-haired orange and white tabby was just coming up from behind the fence. Ha!

When they saw us, Lester and the orange one both skittered away. Lester first. He's pretty shy. I think the orange one just followed him cause it was startled by the opening car door.

Theo lazily got up, crawled under the fence and looked at us like "Oh! Hi there." He started coming over to me, and then changed his mind and wandered out to the alley, looking down the way where Lester and the orange one went. He just stood there for a moment like, "Now what? Where did they go I wonder?" He must be the youngest, because he acts like a kid and is still pretty small. :)


Keren said...

Fun :)

Katie said...

Definately kitty season! haha


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