Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy but Fun Week

This week, a friend from college was coming to Bemidji for the Writing Conference going on at BSU. She asked if she could stay with us, and of course that was fine with us!

Though our schedules were a bit different (we both worked and she had conferences), we did manage to have breakfast and supper together every day. In the evenings, after she came back, we also got in a few board games. Our favorite was Lost Cities. I was such a pro at whomped EVERY time by her! ha ha
We also played Cartegena the last night she was here. It's a pretty fun Pirate game.
It was an interesting eating week....she is alergic to many, many things, so we tried some new recipies. Thankfully, after learning to cook Indian food, there are quite of few things along those line that she can eat. (Gluecose intolorant, Lactose intolorant, alergic to eggs and strawberries = no bread, no noodles, no pancakes, no milk, no egg dishes, no cookies, no popcorn, no oatmeal, no cheese, no chips, no crackers,no cream sauces, no ice cream! Poor thing!) Anyway, we ate lots of vegetables....vegetable stir fries over rice, fried rice and baked chicken, hungarian casserole, Indian lentils & rhubarb, soup, and lots of fruit. If I had known better, I would've stored up on Sorbet, because that would've been delicious for all three of us!
Just out of curiousity....what would've you cooked? Also, what are some of your favorite breakfast foods? (I seem to run out of ideas in that area)
Take care!

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Katie said...

Well then, we could trade. I have about 6 things I have on a rotation. (maybe 4) Banana bread is a favorite and it is so easy. And we are always stocking up on bananas and then they don't get eaten. When they are starting to get bad I keep a freezer bag in the freezer and just add to it. Other then that there is always eggs and toast and we have lots and lots and lots and lots of fruit. Although your friend probably couldn't have any of those things.


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