Saturday, June 21, 2008

Deals of the Day

Today was a fun shopping day....not only did I get it done early, when there wasn't as much hassel, I also found some great deals.

At Target, I they had their shredded cheese on sale (better than at Walmart...I checked) so I stocked up on 4 bags. Also, I checked their other food stuff....and found these frozen veggies clearanced out. Since Brussel Sprouts and Whole Peas are "fancy" food around here, I thought $1.07 a bag was a good price. Once I got up to the check out counter and rang them up, I found out they were half off of that price too! So about $0.53 each! (The two acorn squash were from Walmart....for a 3-night dish on the menu this week)

I had read on Money Saving Mom about this Planters nut deal. I was curious to try it, since we like our nuts and can always find a use for the Mac and Cheese. Sure enough, it worked....I got 12 (yes, 12) boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese and 4 tins of peanuts for.....-$2.60. That's right, I got $2.60 back for buying these things. How fun!

I also had two coupons from our local grochery store for a free raised glazed doughnut. I got two for a treat for breakfast. :)

My last (or rather first stop....I'm a little out of order in this post), was Walmart.....for our normal veggies, milk, etc. I did get most things on sale, and one thing of cheese free, but really everything there was pretty normal. I am trying to learn how to shop every two weeks, so ended up with quite a bit I thought. But, it was lots of fun.

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Abbi said...

Sounds like some very good deals!! I haven't been getting many deals lately, I have just been using up what we have around here.


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