Sunday, June 8, 2008


Just the title of this post brings back memories. In particular, the song Memories, that my grandmother's music box used to play. I loved opening her glass display case and winding that one up. Maybe because I liked the song, but maybe because it had a cat painted on the lid. :)
Today we went over to Dad and Moms for a couple games of croquet and visiting. I love their house in the summer....large, cool lawn...big lilac bush...warm dirt in the garden...hammocks between the birch trees...soft breezes at night.
I remember playing lots of games outside in the summer. Some by myself, some with my siblings. We loved making forts. We made tree forts and grass forts and forts in the woods and forts under the clothes line. If friends came over, we made forts. It was really fun (except for the woods ones...I was too scared to play in those by myself)
I also remember Bug Hunting. I'd lay under bushes and trees and in our long front grass and stare at Leaf Hoppers and Grass Hoppers and Army Beetles and Caterpillars and Daddy-Long-Legs and Ladybugs. My favorite was Dragonflies. I still stop and watch them when I see them. It was really quite fun with our cat Tiger (my first cat), because he really liked people and so would keep me company wherever I wandered. Sometimes, I'd run really fast to the long grass and then flop down on my belly and lie really still. Pretty soon I'd hear Tiger "hollering" for me..."Mreow, mreow, mreow" just a constant noise until he found me. Then he would purr and flop down on his side next to me in the long grass.
I remember lots of gardening time. Lots of weeding too. I loved plating beans and peas. As I grew older, I was the one to plan out the garden layout and get us going. But I never stuck with it very long after it started....heh heh.
Just today I went to check on my garden here in our backyard. This is what I found...

I guess I put my Morning Glory pots in the wrong place and the raindrops splashed all my dirt out. My plants were about 2 inches high and doing well. But......

Maybe I'll have to try again.

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