Thursday, June 19, 2008

Evening Bikeride

Tonight I went on an evening bikeride. It was such a beautiful evening and I had some time on my hands....what better to do than go out and leaisurely enjoy the summer evening!

I biked on over to the lake, and down to Diamond Point Park. I stopped in to see a friend, but she wasn't there. So, I continued on down to the cemetary.

I've always like the greenery and quietness of cemetaries. I also like looking at all the different headstones. Tonight I saw all sorts of picture ones, like the ones above.

I also saw this neat one that was a 3D truck.

I went to look at an old friend's grave. A couple of ant families had decided to make their homes here, so I brushed them off. I still remember going to visit Andy at the nursing home, and his candy dish, and stories about cats and about his homemade deerskin gloves. :) I'm so glad Mom took us kids there when we were young, so that we would have lots of memories, and also, that we would be used to old people and nursing homes and not be "scared" of them. Later on, I got a job at that same nursing home and had lots and lots of fun with the people there. What stories!

I also saw alot of graves with these "holes" in them. The first one I saw, from a distance, looked quite deep, and I laughed, thinking that they had made a "hole" to drop things down into the grave or for the person to breathe or something like that. But, when I got closer, I realized it was actually a holder for a flower vase. Ha ha.....silly me!

I also saw a couple poems. I thought I'd find more, but didn't. I saw a lot of "The Lord is my shepherd," and "Rest in peace." But not too many other verses. The oldest gravestone I found was from 1913....and it was a little child that got buried. How sad.

It was a lovely night for a walk/bike, and after the cemetary, I took a leisurly ride home and then sat on the steps until Mathew came home.

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