Friday, June 13, 2008

Sewing Projects

It'd been a while since I'd sewn anything...and I had a project on "hold" for a while. Last year, I had tried making a Baby-Shower gift that I had seen online for a friend. It was a Nursing Cover-Up. It looked pretty simple, so I whipped one up for her out of flannel. Whoops. Didn't realize how hot that would be! "Next time," I told myself, "I will make a cooler one."

I had the opportunity to try one for my sister just recently. I rummaged around in my Mom's material supply, and found this neat quilted piece that a mutual friend of ours had made but never finished. "Well, how simple," I thought! All I needed to do was make a backing and a neck strap.Finding the time to do it was another story! I managed to get the backing cut and sewn in place, but never got to the quilting or the neck strap. Just tonight, I finally told myself to sit down and work on it. Above is the finished product. Took me 4 tries on that silly button/button hole. First couple times my machine jammed, then as I finally went to cut open the button hole I ended up cutting OFF the whole strap. *sigh* Finally I got the hole just right and found out I hadn't made it the right size for my button, so had to change buttons. But, we got it done.

Such a nice feeling to finish a project and have it look nice.

I hope it's useful. *sheepish grin*

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