Saturday, June 21, 2008

Relaxing Saturday

Today I had a lot of fun getting up early and doing my devotions. I love getting up early in the summer, when it's light out already!
Since I got up earlier, I had a more relaxing schedule today. I got our grochery shopping done right away, and found some really fun deals! After that, we ate a doughnut for breakfast (free at our local grochery store) and then decided to go for a bike ride. We rode on down to Diamond Point Park. What a nice ride that is! We had fun checking everything out on the way, and stopped to "chill out" by the lake for a good 20 minutes. I don't know if you can see all the dragonflies in that lake picture, but that's what supposed to be there!
After that, we got a call from some friends to see if we could babysit on short notice....which we could, so we ended up spending most the afternoon with these little monkies!

Monkey #1 was a big help.....with hanging out laundry and doing dishes (one of her favorite activities at our house).Monkey #2 entertained herself for quite a while with plastic eggs....putting them in....taking them out. Every once and a while she'd stop and check what we were doing.Monkey #3 had lots of things to do....wandering around and checking us all out while showing us her latest "find" from the toy box.The jewelry box was a big hit too.

After lunch and naps, we thought we'd go out to the park and play. Well, it was fun while it lasted. A dark cloud went over us and started splashing great big drops! That startled all of us pretty good so we all went in. (We had another friend visiting for the afternoon too, and he got lucky "helping" us babysit!)

Now, this afternoon, I'm preping lunch and supper for tomorrow, since we have a busy day. Napping is also on the schedule, and maybe baking a cake! :)

Hope you have a lovely day too.


Abbi said...

Cute pictures of the girls. We had a good and busy day of getting stuff done around here.

Keren said...

Fun! #1 Looks like she is having a blast :)

Anonymous said...

EM, you made my day with this posting. I'll tell you why at a later date. :-) Denise

Fawn said...

your blog is so much fun!! those little girls are really cute. And your nuts and mac/cheese was quite a deal, wow! and aren't saturdays in summer the best...did you ever find mathew a bike? I am assuming so.
Since moving in my new apartment its one of my summer goals to cook learn how anyways... :) today I have some chicken marinading in lemon pepper..never done that before, so hope it turns out! I don't know how to do a million ingredients like you do on your recipes!
And I also find cemetaries quite peaceful...did you know Karissa Dennis (who was a piano major a few years above us), her mom's job is to decorate gravestones--she puts the fancy images, etc. on them. your pictures reminded me of her work!
okay so this is a really long message...hope you have a wonderful Sunday, I know I'm looking forward to church and a beautiful day.
"its a beautiful day..God is so good!"
:) take care emily!


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