Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dragon Boat Races 2

What fun we had!

Last Saturday was the Dragon Boat Races here in town. It really did turn out fun....though we didn't win by any means. You can see the race results here.
The practices were grueling (we had two) but the actual race was much better. It took us about 2 minutes to complete the race! All that work for just that!
Our first practice was long and exhausting, but by our second practice you could see improvement. Plus, we had a great coach as our steersman that night, and he helped alot.

I actually didn't paddle (no muscles), I was the "Drummer." Simply put, I yelled. I was supposed to keep everyone paddling in time, watch the other boats, know when we needed to slow down or speed up, and be goofy. (Well, that last part wasn't part of my instructions, I just added that in!)

We had a nice tent set up to relax in between races, and a couple friends brought some DECLICIOUS cookies to keep our energy up!

It took us all day, but I think all of us enjoyed it alot. Watch out for next year....

You can see lots more pictures of the day

1 comment:

martha said...

Oh, Emily, I DO know why you were the one to be the drummer/cheerleader!

I really wish I could have been there!


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