Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday Night Lesson - God is our Protector

Last night we learned about God is strong enough to protect us. 5 kids showed up, so a smaller class than we have been having during the summer. Hopefully the others won't get out of the habit of coming! Here is our outline:
God is our Protector
  1. Told the story using lego armies and Iraelites and a blue jello Red Sea (including a shark, octopus, and aligator!).
  2. Brought out Tommy the puppet, who wanted to know why the legos were all crumpled under blue jello. He sang the song "How Did Moses Cross the Red Sea?"
  3. Sang 2 other songs from our story, "Fear Ye Not, Stand Still," and "I Will Sing Unto the Lord for He has Triumped Gloriously..."

This is the Egyptians blocked by God's cloud before crossing our blue jello sea.

4. Removed the legos and made Egyptian stamped signs spelling out "Protector" in heiroglyphics. (this stamp kit was at our public library)

5. Ate snack and made "Red Sea" water to drink (red cool-aid)

6. Read the Bible story straight from the Bible, Exodus chapter 14, kid's version, and re-sang parts of the songs that are from that chapter.

7. Ended with prayer and clean up

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