Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unsuccessful Project

So, I had a little time last night, and sat daydreaming on the couch in our living room. I was contemplating our "lovely" green shag carpet. While it is nice and soft, and you can pretend it's grass, and it's great for rolling from one end to the other on your tummy, it's maybe not the color I would choose on my own.

I was thinking about if I redecorated....what would I do? What color carpet would I pick, how would I paint, what would I frame, etc. Then I realized, I actually could re-decorate even with the green carpet! I thought to myself, a violet theme - purple with green leaves, would be so pretty! Even a little black trim on things would be classy.

So I went to the library and got a whole stack of books out about interior decorating. I surfed online for ideas. I checked at our local downtown stores for violet tea cups and material. I was excited!

I came home last night, determined to put my hand to work in the living room. While I had many ideas and small touches to do, I thought I'd start with our couch, and just get and idea of what it would look like.

Sadly, this is what it looked like. Now mind you, I didn't iron the cover-up before temporarily pinning it in place, since I just wanted to get an idea. But, even without the wrinkles, I don't think it's what I had in mind! After about 30 to 40 minutes of getting it "just right," I think that maybe that wasn't the best use of my time.

I had envisioned small embroidered violets gracing a cream colored couch with a couple classy black lines on the bottom. To match, I wanted to sew a black and purple runner for our small table and put my cream and crystal candles on display. I had plans of getting purple or white gauze to add a sawg to the top of our green curtains, and to hang up some pretty pictures of violets and Bible verses in a black frame on the wall. In addition, I was sure I could find a nice tea cup or vase or such to set somewhere to bring out the violet theme.

It was not to be.

The couch will be "un-done" tonight.

Nice concept though. Maybe one day, when my interior decorating energy lasts more than an hour, I will actually acomplish something! But for now, I think our living room will do quite nicely as it is!


martha said...

Ah. Yes, sometimes our reality falls a little short of our plans/dreams.
It is a lovely idea though. I like your color choices.
And, since you posted about it we can all remember that for when we give you gifts.;D
It would be nice to do something about your couch,hmm, oh well.
I am thankful for handmedown couches, we used one for years. (I sound like an old, long married lady.:D)(I am)

breanna said...

emily! i can relate totally to this post!! if you look at any picture or video on my blog you will see our orange/rust shag carpet. we are renting - so we can't change it and have been here for going on 4 years. it's amazing what God uses to teach us! sometimes i wish he didn't have to use visual ads so much!!!!


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