Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Monday we went visiting and sightseeing.....we were out and about from 8:30am till 3pm. Here are some things we saw:
  • Papa & Amma's cousins (3 families....2 different houses)
  • Some strange small pink fruit (it is so shiny it looks plastic)
  • Crane Birds (small white ones by cows)
  • Hawks
  • A Camieleon (and I got to see it change color....really cool)
  • Real Touch-Me-Not (that small plant whose leaves close up when you touch it....guess who was wandering around the field poking at all the plants??? ha ha)
  • 2 properties out in the country
  • A small waterfall
  • Lots of people in town
  • A hilltop view of Bangalore

Sorry no pictures...my camera battery died. It's recahrged now, but not in time for our sightseeing adventures.

1 comment:

Keren said...

hehe, I can picture you going around the field. sounds like lots of fun :)


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