Monday, November 17, 2008

Taking the Train

Well....we were in Chicago till Saturday noon....and nothing was working out to continue our trip so we decided to abort and head back home.
We took the Amtrack....that was a first...and it was fun.
Here we are at our dining table for supper.
And they had these cool sliding doors to go from car to car.
We got home 10am Sunday morning. When we got there....we saw we had recieved the important paperwork in the mail that allows M. to travel easy!
After church and taking a nap...we called our tickets and tried to sort out our plans. Looks like it still works best to travel guess what! We're back on the trip.
We leave at 12:30pm to catch the train back to Chicago and then try and fly out once more. I'm not sure what God is doing....but it certainly is very humbling!
Hopefully the next time I post we'll be in India.
God bless!

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martha said...

Oh wow. You are in our prayers!


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