Friday, November 14, 2008

Still in Chicago...

We're still hanging out in Chicago.

What craziness!

We were supposed to get M.'s VISA yesterday at 4pm.....but we waited and waited for a call....finally we called the services....and they said, "Oh, sorry. The consulate closed unexpectedly for all day'll have to wait till tomorrow."

Right now it feels like we're playing a game of dominoes! One thing leads to another....every time we have a delay....we have to change our ticket information...and then appointment stuff....and then VISA stuff....round and round and round!

While we were waiting yesterday, we decided to check out Chinatown. That was pretty fun! We took the metro transit line (subway) and then ate lunch at Tasty China. We checked out the little shops and found a neat tea shop, that sold tea in these big canisters by the pound. We bought some whole leaf green tea for Grandpa, and then found a little post office to mail it to him.

Once you get off the main tourist street.... the shops look like old-fashioned drug stores - big glass containers of candy and groceries.....stacks and barrells of odds and ends....shelves full of colorful tea pots and material. I was only able to get two pictures...and then my camera died. Ha!

We also decided to watch the movie The Terminal yesterday. (It's about a guy who gets stuck in an airport for a long long time and his adventures) We thought it was appropriate! hee hee

Teja cooked dahl and rice and fish last night for supper. That was delicious...since we've been eating Chinese food for the past 3 days :) The night before we played Cartegena....but last night we just sat around eating chocolate and telling stories and laughing.

Tonight we might make chicken curry. M and I need to find a grochery store first, though, and get some chicken and dish soap (they don't go together...don't worry). We'll see what happenes with our travel status later this afternoon.....still waiting for a call.

Thanks for your prayers!



Fawn said...

hey emily!! so I haven't checked your blog for a few days and as soon as I saw the "still in Chicago..", I was so surprised, and JEALOUS!! haha. oohhh how I love that city!! I am sure it must be so frustrating to be "stuck" there, but I hope you are still having a great time! You must be on your way to India?
AND THEN I saw the JAMBA JUICE pic!! yessssssss! I'm so glad you went there, and thought of me! ha that made my day!!!
am praying for you guys. We should have lunch sometime. Tuesdays are a really open day for me, we should plan something very soon, I'd love to catch up. That is, whenever you return from wherever you are!!!
take care Emily! talk to you soon!

Katie said...

That would be why you haven't posted! I haven't either so I guess I can't say anything. Chicago looks like fun. We went there too, but we just kind of drove around, we actually only had an hour or so before we had to leave town.


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