Saturday, November 22, 2008

To Market to Market...

Yesterday we took a trip to one of the open markets....that was pretty neat! I had been hoping we'd do that.

Here's some fruit: Pineapples, Goa, Oranges, Pears, Custard Apples, Grapes, and Regular Apples.

Making and selling flower garlands.

This kid leaned over to be in the picture on purpose.

We saw all sorts of things available....the only thing was, the price went up every time they saw us stop....let me clarify that....every time they saw me stop. For some reason they think I am a rich American. So, when we actually had to buy something, I just kind of walked on by or hung back and let the others do the shopping....ha ha....I'm not sure if that really worked.

I tried 3 new things from the market.
  1. Boiled Peaunts. I thought they were roasted at first, but no...they were boiled. So, they weren't salted and they were soft. Interesting.
  2. Goa. This is a round green or yellow fruit. Not my favorite. You eat the outside skin with the pulpy's a very strong taste that dries my mouth out.
  3. Custard Apple. This is another type of fruit that looks like an artichoke. I liked this one. You scoop out the inside with a's chew it and then spit out watermelon-like black seeds.

There are LOTS of varities of bananas...not just one or two. Little. Big. Sweet. Green. Etc.

These are spices and nuts. See the big thing of almonds?

Tenga....or coconuts..used in almost everything!

Need some birdies?

This is 2 kinds of tumeric root....which you grind to make tumeric powder.


Angie said...

Looks neat and looks like you got a lot of cultural experiences! Awesome!

martha said...

So cool! That is really funny about how your are a rich American!IT would be fun to try those things (foods) thank you for posting pictures and notes!

Keren said...

That is so cool! Thanks for the tour. :)

Abbi said...

I was wondering what the bright orange root was. I didn't know turmeric came from a root. THis is quite educational! That is funny about the price going up!


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