Thursday, December 18, 2008

Home Decor

(click above to listen to Handel's piece)

I like how a few touches here and there can make a room so cheerful and cozy!

I cut out some snowflakes to hang, along with some tiny red balls.

The picture doesn't do it quite justice, but it matches the piano top and the living room table. I like the red. :)

And a few candles and we're done. I really can get used to this minimalist style!

It's nice to have the house clean too....I should take pictures of each room...and you would sigh and say, ah nice, and then I would show you the picture of our porch, and you would jump and say, Oh, that's why everything else is's all here!


martha said...

Hee Hee. Your house looks pretty too! I like how you put the red with the snowflakes. You make beautiful snowflakes like your mom.

Katie said...

Its got to go somewhere! Unfortunately we have several spots in our house that are sort of like your porch. I like your decorations, nice and simple.

Abbi said...

Your last comment was so funny! I like all your little touches. It is fun how much difference a little decorating can do for how you feel. I can sympathize with having troubles getting good pictures!


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