Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Catching Up...

Just thought I'd better post and catch up. Sadly, I have no pictures to add to this post, so just stories and words.... :) .... the pictures take too long to upload and I'm not at this computer long enough for that. So, I will post a ton when we get home ha ha.

We went to Kerala and back by bus. Long and bumpy but it was overnight so we slept part of the way. Kerala is very green...and that is where they grow rubber, tea, pineapple, and really is very beautiful.

While there, we visited alot of family....stayed at Mathew's Auntie's house 2 nights, and Uncle's house 3 nights. This time, it really was our Aunt and the sense....anyone older than me you call Auntie or Uncle this time, it really WAS a relative. We had lots of fun, played games and laughed alot.

We came back Sunday morning at 5:30am. We mostly slept and ate that day. The food here has been great, but it will be nice to be back home and have a lighter eating schedule! ha. I think all 5 of us (Me, Mathew, Brother, and his parents) have all put on weight since Mathew's mom has wanted to cook EVERYTHING she knows for us as long as we are here!

Yesterday another Auntie (not related) came over and spent the day. We (well, I mostly listened because I don't know the language) were able to have a long Bible talk that afternoon with Amma and Auntie. It's really been a neat experience, as in we've actually had quite a few opportunities to have Bible studies with many of Mathew's family. Please continue praying for their growth here. Their hearts are really open to the truth.

We've also been taught a new card game that we've enjoyed trying to beat each other at. We've stayed up past midnight on more than one night doing just that!

I've picked up more of their language (Malayalam), which has been fun. The really nice thing about Mathew's family, is they love to laugh, so instead of being upset at my grammer and manner mistakes, they find it extremely hilarious....which is funny for me too then. So even if we aren't getting as much exercise here in the gym sense, we sure have had our fill of belly laughs!

So....the pace is picking up here before we go. Lost more visiting and outings and shopping and eating and playing. I hardly can believe it's December already....of course, when it's 70 degrees and sunny every day, it's hard to remember!

Hope all is well with you all....I'll try and post again before we go....maybe even get a few pictures up....

Take care,


Dan Locke said...

70 and sunny in December. Yah, hard to imagine. ;)

In The Potter's Hands said...

When are you coming back Emily? How long have you been there? I'm glad you were able to go. I can't wait to see more pictures.


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