Friday, December 19, 2008

How to make paper snowflakes

This is how I like to make paper snowflakes....
Start with an 8.5 x 11 piece of papper and fold up a corner to make a square.

Cut it off from the big piece of paper.
Fold the square of paper in half to make a rectangle.

And then fold it in half again to make a small square. This is so you have a center crease down the middle. Then open it up to the rectangle again.

This is the trickiest step. You'll want to fold the paper over the middle crease line to make a kite-shape. (See next picture) You do this by starting with the Right side and folding it past the center crease, and then folding the left hand side over that so the edges meet.
It looks like a heart if you turn it around.
You fold the "heart" in half. Almost there now.
And you cut off the top along the flat line.
And now you're ready to make it into a snowflake!
If I cut it like this....
And like this....
It turns out like this! (unfolded)
And if I do it like this....
It looks like this!

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