Thursday, December 18, 2008


My mom had some leftover mashed potatoes that she made into lefse. (I love lefse) She was so nice she gave us a fresh packet of it...oh how I looked forward to eating it!

I thought we'd have it for I buttered it and got out my cinnamon-sugar jar (because I really like it with cinnamon sugar on top)...but there wasn't cinnamon mixed in I did that first. Then, I sprinkled it and rolled it up and put it on the table. *drool*

I was so ready for dessert I took a big bite of mine right away....and was SOOOOOO dissapointed!

Turns out...the reason there was no cinnamon in the sugar was it was SALT...not sugar !

And that is what happens when I don't cook at home for a month.


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