Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Personality Tests

I really like personality tests....those quizzes and questions that "determine" who you are.....your likes and dislikes...your leadership style....your relationship style. I'm not sure they are always accurate, but the mind is adaptable, and within a few minutes I'm convinced "Oh yes! That IS like me."

So this morning, while I was working on a project, I got to thinking about my working style...and about others too.

I suppose there's
  • The Minimalist. The person who doesn't have much and therefore doesn't spread out much when working. Only the bare minimum on the desk, at home, by the computer, or in the kitchen. This is my mother-in-law.
  • The Orginizationalist (otherwise known as the neat freak). This is like my Grandma....who had everything stored in boxes, labeled clearly (and in straight handwriting), wrapped in tissue, and very easily accessable. I love this, but haven't accomplished it yet.
  • The Perfectionist. This person does things in a very detailed manner....perhaps a bit time consuming, but everything turns out pretty...wether making cards or cooking a dessert or sewing a project or painting a room...you can count on them to turn out a nice product. But they can't get much done around me. :) This is my friend Rena.
  • The Experienced. This person maybe isn't one style, but has had so much experience, they can be flexible and choose whichever style fits the need. Very handy. This is my mom.

And then there's me...

  • The List-Maker-Spreader-Outer.

For any given job....you can pretty much tell where I'm working because I will take over the whole space given to me. Not that I don't like to share space....it's just I tend to like to see all my options/materials/results all at once. For card making, I take over the whole table AND floor space nearby. For cooking, I use just about every spoon in the drawer (mostly because I am forgetful and use one once and throw it in the dishwater forgetting I will need it again soon) and I will take out every ingredient so I can see what I need. For record keeping, I will lay out little piles of paper all around me in a great big circle....organized piles...but piles none-the-less.

For any task ahead....I love making lists. You will find little scraps of paper tucked all over in "safe places" that I forget about. Lists for groceries. Lists for financial goals. Lists for things to do today. Lists for class ideas. Lists for crafts I want to do someday. Lists for game ideas. Lists for weekly menus. Lists for outreach ideas or projects or colors I like or books to read...and it goes on. Too bad I tend to loose my lists...because really they're quite handy. I must admit, though, it's pretty fun to be sorting through paper and then come across a really cool list of ideas. I get all excited again about the ideas...and maybe impliment one.


Abbi said...

Well I know which ones I'm NOT! The 2nd one I would like to be but I'm not sure that will ever come.

Abbi said...

Well I know which ones I'm NOT! The 2nd one I would like to be but I'm not sure that will ever come.


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