Saturday, May 2, 2009

Doll Quilt

Thursday night I wasn't feeling good, so I stayed home in the evening while M. went out. I drank tea and snuggled under a warm blanket and looked at all my dream crafting lists. I decided to try my hand at a quilt, starting small, with a doll quilt. I cut the pieces and ironed them that night as my "relaxing" project. It ended up being pretty fun.

Well, last night I had some time, so decided to put it together. It turned out fine, though I wish I had made some not putting batting in it (it's really stiff now) and adding a better border. But, as a trial project and for dolls, it will work just fine!

Also, I whipped together a sachet I had been wanting to try with some potporri I had on will go in my linen closet.

And lastly, I picked out the materials I want to use for my next project.....a pretty to only find a pattern.......

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