Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Learning To Cook Korean

Our friend Suhyun is from Korea and was studying here for a semester. It's been really great to get to know her and her sweet temper. Her English has improved alot since being here, as well as her "slang " ("neat" and "okay-dokay" are common ones), and it's been fun playing music with her too (she plays violin).

But now it's time to go. And so we had her over to "finally" make Korean food (we've been wanting to do that all semester!). She showed us how to make Kim Pop and Beef. We had a lot of laughs and then a good meal, though we had to rush a bit.
Here we laid out sticky rice and cooked veggies, cheese, and hotdogs, on a seaweed wrap.
You're supposed to roll-and-squish....roll-and-squish. Mine fell apart, but her's were nice.

We also made the beef soaked in Korean Beef Sauce with mushrooms. Here is the final picture, but I guess you can't see the beef dish.
And this is the Kim Pop, which I liked, but the seaweed taste took some getting used to.

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