Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home Inspiration

I received the Better Homes and Garden e-newsletter...and it was time to check out their decorating ideas on a budget. I really like the above picture...a nice clean room, and the "canopy" is pretty neat too!

Another idea I liked was this bathroom towel rack, made out of a wine rack!

I have a couple projects in mind for our get things in order and de-clutter. Some of the things I'd like to work on are:
  • Make a serving tray (have 2 "collections" of memoriablia that are just taking up space)
  • Make cards and therefore clean out craft/scrap drawer
  • Clean off fridge & find a good place for all the pictures
  • Clean out display case
  • Clean/de-clutter living room and sitting room, including giving away unused books and magazines.
  • Clean out kitchen drawers of unused items (both food and utensils)
  • Sew apron and rag doll to use up material scraps
  • Clean out laundry room....I don't even know what is in there!

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