Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Things

Today, for the first time, I got to find out if I'm alergic to bee stings.

Yes, I got stung by a wasp....for the first (and hopefully last) time.

You see, I was smart yesterday and washed a load of laundry and put it on the outside clothesline to dry...since it was sunny and breezy. In the evening, all the clothes was crisp and fresh and dry. I took it down and put it in my laundry basket. An hour later I got around to folding it up and putting it away.

This morning, I took out my pair of pants (freshly washed and dried and folded or course) and slipped them on. I yelped quickly and then slapped my leg. I'm sure Mathew thought I was crazy. I shook my leg and out tumbled a creepy crawly thing (I didn't have my glasses on yet). I jumped back and Mathew said, "A bee!"

I said, "Thank goodeness it's not a spider!" (I have a thing about spiders)

He then stomped on it and I put my glasses on to see that it was a wasp and not a bumblebee. I then found out why they call it "stinging" because it certainly continued to sting on my leg....even after I put baking soda paste on it.

But, I guess I'd be mad at being wrapped up in a pair of pants all night too.

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