Monday, May 18, 2009

Mr. Magoo & Mr. Magee

This weekend, I played around with dolls. Sewing them, that is. I found an old pattern idea (from when I was a kid) of Mr. Potato Head dolls to make. Finally, I got a chance to make them.

It's a great way to use up old towels and pillows!
I created the pattern on newspaper (the idea I had copied from a library book ages ago had it scaled down, and I had to blow it up to inches).
Then I cut the pieces, sewed, turned inside out, stuffed, and pleated feet.

Next, I cut face pieces and accesories out of felt, and hot-glued vecro on the backs so they have moveable faces!
The Many Faces of Mr. Magoo & Mr. Magee:

They turned out very huggable and loveable....just the faces fall off still. Ha ha. I guess the velcro/felt combination isn't as sturdy as I thought it would be.


martha said...

I like it! Great work,Em!

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute!! Anna


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