Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Answer to prayers

Yesterday was a pretty neat day. God answered my prayers in 3 ways.
  1. He made it possible for Mathew to have his root canal done. (otherwise we would've waited until February 18th!)
  2. He found a file I had missplaced and was a bit frantic about.
  3. He found my CAMERA CORD! Horaay!

I must admit, I've been pretty unpleasant to be around the past couple days because I let myself get stressed out about too many things. We had a very adventerous week last week, and I got pretty tired out! Thankfully, God didn't keep his grace from me even though I was grumpy and here are things I am so thankful about:

  1. Mathew's doc apointment
  2. Luke's birthday
  3. Saw an owl last night
  4. Seeing a bunny rabbit at Mathew's work
  5. Finding my camera cord
  6. Work is getting busy and I enjoy it

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