Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wednesday Night Lessons 101

I'm teaching Wednesday nights I think I will try and do some posts on my lesson plans and ideas and hopefully it will be of some use to you! Feel free to adapt anything if you would like to use it.
This month, our key verse is Luke 2:51,52 Jesus Was a Kid Like Me
Last night our key concept from that verse was Obedience. Here is the outline for the class:

  1. Welcome and review (had 4 new kids, so reviewed last class and verse)
  2. Measure height (have made a growth tree on the wall, to measure the kids this whole month and see if they grow...check out Luke 2:52)

  3. Reviewed memory verse (have posted on the wall)
  4. Treasure hunt (hid small marbles around with "obey" verses attatched to them)
  5. Read verses (the obey ones) and talked about ways to obey. Hung "apples" on our tree with these ideas.
  6. Craft (4 new kids made new "faces" for the bulletin board - cut out of construction paper, 2 kids worked on "apples")
  7. Music (have made rhythm instrumetns - drums, rattles, etc - to use as we "chant" our memory verse...we had a lot of fun with this!)

  8. Snack (rice-crispie bars in "O" shape)

  9. Puppet Show & Goodbye (story about obeying your parents)

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