Friday, January 18, 2008

Articles of Interest

Here are a few links to articles I've read this week that are quite interesting! When you have time, check them out!

  • Neighborhood Friends Read the interesting and useful comments on how to invite your neighborhood kids to your house. Also check out this link for Neighborhood Parties.

  • Quiet Times I've been looking into ordering some study books from Amazon or CBD. But first, I always look at the library!

  • Encouraging Others ..."one day my next door neighbor phoned. She asked, "what are you planning for dinner." I told her I really wasn't sure, as I had a terrible sinus infection and just hadn't gotten to it. She said, "great. I just took a roasted chicken out of the oven, with peppers and potatoes and I have dessert too. I'll be there in a few minutes."I'm sure God was behind it. So whenever you get what might seem like a crazy idea, like sharing a dinner, or cleaning or whatever. Do it." Read more here

  • Making Pie Crust "I also roll my dough pretty thin...I think it makes for a cispier crust and it also ensures the bottom crust gets done. Oh and one more thing..." Read more here

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