Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday Night Lessons...Jan 23

Last night we talked about obedience again. (I'm alternating between Obedience and Wisdom). Here is my basic class outline:
  1. Introduce the word "obey" with rhyming words.

  2. Activity (word hunt & look at pictures of people obeying)

  3. Hands on (made cupcakes)

  4. Game/close

I made a long scroll with our "To-Do-List" for the night.

I used words that rhymed, and then "misplaced" the 3rd word (obey). After talking about our list, I had them hunt around the room for the hidden letters to make our 3rd word...

After filling in the blanks, we followed our schedule... First we prayed. I let the kids choose what we would pray about, and they picked "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John."So, we came up with a creative way to pray. We prayed for a person by each name that we knew (Mathew, my husband, Mark, a friend, Luke, their uncle, and John we had Johnathan pick a request). Then we sat on couch cushions on the floor and prayed.

Next, we laid down on our cushions and looked up at the ceiling. I had pinned up pictures of people to obey (i.e. a teacher, the Bible, parents, stop signs, and Daniel in the Lions Den) and we talked about each picture.

3rd, we practiced "obeying" by obeying the cooking instructions to make lemon cupcakes. We had a lot of fun stirring them up and baking them, and even made frosting and sprinkles to decorate.

Last, while the cupcakes were baking, we played Hide-The-Thimble, except with a set of keys. We then ate our cupcakes and shared them with the other classes and adults.

Next week we'll be learning about Wisdom. It will be our last class of this month, so I will proabably do a wrap up activity and finish the memory verse (Luke 2:51,52)

If you have any ideas for teaching, crafts (I'm usually short on craft ideas), Wisdom lessons, etc, I'd love to hear of them! Also, feel free to use any of my lessons and adapt them as you need!

God bless!Emily

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