Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A God of Mercy, not Compromise

I just recently finished reading this book, and am ready for a re-read! This book gave me a lot to think about. I really enjoyed the beginning, the characters and their choices and faithfullness to God, and also the many quotes throughout the book that made me stop and think. The two that struck me most are:
  1. God is a God of mercy, but not of compromise. He is Holy and just and wants our true love.
  2. In the ancient days, the priests would blow a shofar to call attention to the worship.....but now, God uses His Holy Spirit and the Bible to call us. Are we listening?

I did really enjoy this book, though it almost made me cry more than once. It is set in the late '90s in California, and is about a growing church and the responsibilities involved. I would highly recommend it as a great read that hopefully, will help you grow deeper in Christ as well.

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Rebecca said...

I just noticed a comment on my blog site from you. I was scrolling down and saw this book. I have to tell you, I read it a few years ago and could NOT put it down. I sat in McDonalds one afternoon for 3 hours because I had to finish it!!!!! It is an AWESOME book and a great reminder and also a caution to the state of the Church. Thanks for sharing.


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