Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wednesday Lesson...On Wisdom

Last night, we learned about WISDOM. The lesson went really well, though I forgot a few things. :) Here is the outline:
  1. Welcome- put together a puzzle of the word Wisdom

  2. Object Lesson - we are careful what goes in our mouths, let's be careful what comes out (used the lesson "What Comes Out"

  3. Game - bottle bowling*

  4. Snack- jello jigglers

  5. Craft - homemade tic-tac-toe games**

* For this activity, I simply gathered empty water bottles and pop bottles and let the kids set them up around the room. Then we used a small inflatable ball to "bowl." For every bottle they knocked down, I asked them a question about a wise action, i.e. : "When you are at the library and want a new book to read, what is a wise way to choose one?" or "What is a wise thing to do when a stranger knocks on the door?" or "You have some money as a gift, what is a wise way to use/spend it?"

** For the games, I used a large manilla envelope with a grid drawn on with a marker. I found some fish tank marbles (clear) at Goodwill for $0.25 and brought some colored tape. They cut small pieces of tape for 6 marbles, and kept six other marbles white.

The kids had a great time and had some great discussions. Here are the things I would like to include in my next lesson : Bible drills, prayer time, and music time. We did not go over our verse this week, and we did not have a prayer time...two things I wished I had included!

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Abbi said...

The kids have had fun playing tic tac toe this week with their games.
They really love having you as a teacher.


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