Wednesday, January 9, 2008


It's Works for Me Wednesday.... and it's time for the backwards blog....questions to ask. There are all sorts of great and interesting topics posted over there, go check it out! Here is my question of the day....

I seem to be having some trouble with being consistent in my morning devotion time. I tend to either daydream or sit at a stalemate. I would like to come up with some ideas of study plans/outlines or something to keep me on track. Any ideas? What works for you? What part have you learned to love of your time with God (whether morning or afternoon or evening)?

Thanks for your input!


Jeni said...

Even though I've been a Christian most of my life, I'm very new to the personal study time. I ended up getting a book (I started with Lessons I Learned in the Dark, by Jennifer Rothschild) and sat down with it, my Bible, and a pen. I look up every scripture she mentions and read the context of it and try to get a bigger picture. I underline things of particular meaning to me, because later it'll draw my eye and I'll read it again.

The next study I'm planning to do will be Beth Moore's 90 days with David, the personal study version of her "Heart Like His" class version.

Best wishes!

Jamie said...

Great question! Maybe try not being so "still" if you are spacing out! Try praying while you are walking outside or practice memorizing a verse while you are doing the dishes..etc.

tootie said...

I agree with Jamie. Being prayerful doesn't have to mean being still! In fact, I think I do some of my best praying when I'm on the move (walking, exercising).

dawn said...

The great thing is God knows your heart and that you desire time with him.

I have the same issues. I am currently doing Beth Moore's 90 Days with David and I HIGHLY recommend it. It takes less than 5minutes to do it. I have resigned to the fact that I cannot do it everyday and should not be so hard on myself.

Check it out. I love it!

Sarah said...

One thing I realized is that even though many people recommend doing a quiet time in the morning, I am just not a morning person. So I do mine during my kids' nap time. So maybe if there is an alternative time, you could focus better.
But, I get spacey even then. Writing helps me to not space. And possibly breaking things up. Pray 5 minutes, read 5, repeat. Instead of 15 minutes of each at a time (just using theoretical what you do!).

Meg said...

I love devotionals that are specifically for women and that are broken into small units for time. My favorites have been Dee Brestin's studies, as well as the "Frazzled Female" duo. Hope this helps!

Emily said...

Thanks for all your comments! I will definitely look up these book suggestions and check them out. :)

Tiffany said...

I have done the Jennifer Rothchild study and it changed my life! Right now, I am reading Knowing and Loving the Bible: Face to Face with GOd in His Word. It has been helpful to me. I also read a helpful post about asking 3 questions on You might check that out as well.
One other suggestion is to make sure that you are really awake. You may also try sitting at a table where you may not be as comfortable. Try to be in a place where you will not be distracted. I always have to put my cats away before I start my devotional time. I hope these suggestions help. Good luck.


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