Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winter Night

Last night was a cold night here! (We've been in the negative numbers all weekend) It was a perfect day to stay inside, eat spaghetti and cake, and play games! We actually did venture out to a friend's for supper, and she taught us this new marble game, which I will call "The Parks" for lack of another name. It is alot like Parcheesi (which I love!) but with a couple additional twists! Maybe Mathew & I can make one of our own. :)

Also I took some time on my lunch break to drive out on the lake and take some pictures. While they didn't turn out as splendid as I hoped, I did have fun driving around and got to see a Bald Eagle having a snack too!


Angie said...

It is so funny how in MN ppl talk about diving on the lake like it's just another road! The whole idea freaks me out. You hear of ppl falling through all teh time! Then you see ppl with their vehicle parked right next to an inlet of water or something. That is insane! I don't think I could ever DRIVE on a lake, EVER! More power to ya! Anyway thanks for sharing your pics.

Polly Blanshan said...

Hehe. You people that don't know about lake driving! :p
It's really fun to casually bring it up in conversation with my friends. They're like "Wait! Did you just say driving on a lake? Is that even safe?!?" So I have fun telling them about how they would announce it on the radio in Warroad when it was safe to drive on. And how they would set up traffic signs on Lake of the Woods in the winter. It's great fun seeing their looks of disbelief.


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