Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Book Sale

Look at this fun thing I did last Thursday!

The library was having their annual book sale. My friend and I took our hour lunch from work and went to check it out. We both said we wouldn't get anything.....but we both did.
They had a pretty good selection of Christian books, so I got about 5 for the church library, and 2 for me. Here are some I bought, all for under $7.

I really enjoy using our library, and have for years and years. Here is a picture of the old library, the one I remember from when I was a kid. Isn't this just the neatest building! Now it is a realestate place.

The "new" library is nice too. They are doing a lot of renovations this year, one of which I got to help out with. Since they were re-carpeting, they needed help to move all the books. I went over there on my lunch break a couple times. It was fun.

Just last week I went in search of teaching books. I came home with about 20 probably. I found some great craft books (of which, I can't remember the title...sorry), two fiction books by Craig Parshall, and 3 Dinosaur books. M. just rolls his eyes when he sees how many books I get out at a time!


martha said...

It's so hard to walk out of a Library without ones arms loaded!

And How could you go to a book sale without buying anything?

We got a bunch of new books this summer and have been thoroughly enjoying them. :D

Fawn said...

I went to that book sale too..I didn't have loads of time, so walked out with only ONE book! ha I couldn't even believe it

and I loved your comment how Mathew rolls his eyes at your books..I can just see it!! :)


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