Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lord, help me teach...

Lord, help me be a patient teacher. Help me understand what a kid is trying to tell me. Help me wait till they can explain something. Help me repeat myeslf with gentleness.

Lord, help me be an understanding teacher. Help me be aware of what kids go through in school and family life. Help me know that each kid learns in different ways. Help me practice teaching in different ways so each kid learns.

Lord, help me be a knowledgable teacher. Help me study Your word and know it by heart. Help me not leave things to the last minute, but apply lessons to my heart as well. Help me ask questions.

Lord, help me be a humble teacher. Help me not try to know it all. Teach me what it means to depend on You. Remind me to seek You out before, during, and after class. Help me apologize to kids, and admit I don't know everything, but humbly guide them in the right direction.

Lord, help me be a wise teacher. Give me Your wisdom in each situation. Show me what to do when things don't go according to my plan. Help me jump on opportunities to use small distractions and moments to remind the kids You love them, and so do I. Forgive me for being too hard sometimes.

Lord, help me be a disciplined teacher. Give me Your strength to be self-controlled. Help me guide and direct kids in a firm, but gentle manner. Teach me the art of a well ordered classroom.

Lord, help me be a loving teacher. You love me. Help me love others. Help me take the time to slow down and show it. Help me put that first in my mind, and not get pre-occupied by other things.

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