Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun Trip

It was Grandma's 90th birthday this weekend, so we took a trip down for the big family get together. Plus, made a couple side trips on the way! What a lot of people we saw for the short time we were there! Grandma got a few "special" gifts we had alot of fun with....

And me. :)

On our way down, we stopped to visit some good friends of ours, and they served us this delicious lunch! I had forgotten how many dishes an Indian meal has! Yum!

Late Saturday night, we stopped at Jeff & Becky's pond show....pretty neat!

This is the waterfall they made... And then we sat around the BBQ for a while, enjoying the night.

Saturday night we also went to my Uncle's birthday party and saw the other side of the family and ate some good fruit salad and chicken! It was a filling and fun weekend!


All in a Day said...

Too cute!!! (Bailey) I was just telling Jeff I needed a picture of her... :)

Abbi said...

Bailey has changed quite a bit since I last saw her!


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